India's public hospitals, blood transfusion 23 children HIV-dye

(AP) British "Daily Mail" reported, 23 in western India have been in a public hospital for children to receive free blood transfusion, contaminated blood because of the input has on the recently infected with HIV.

  It is reported that in January to August this year, Gujarat, India ranks that Gardner area (Junagadh) a public hospital for free with Mediterranean anemia (Thalassemia) children blood transfusions. Thalassemia is a rare inherited genetic disorder that requires frequent blood transfusions. Most of these children come from poor families.

  Gujarat government spokesman Jai Narayan Vivas (Jai Narayan Vyas), said a medical team has been investigating this, and these children had been infected with HIV than in a hospital blood transfusion. But the "Indian Express" reported that these children's parents said they only public hospital in this blood transfusion to the child.


Iran publicly hanged criminals killing of female students

(AP) Iran's official television website reported on Tuesday, Iran publicly hanged a murderer, the man convicted of killing a female student found guilty. In response, Iran said that retain the death penalty for the protection of the dignity of law, maintain social order is necessary.

  The man was put to death 25-year-old named Cole sand, in July this year, he was killed in broad daylight rejected one of his female students. Allegedly, Cole was found guilty of sand, and female students in Tehran, he killed a bridge near the north-west, was sentenced to death.

  Agence France-Presse reported that Iran is at least the first 193 cases this year, implementation of the death penalty, this figure also exceeded last year 179 people were sentenced to death.

  In this regard, the Iranian official said that retain the death penalty for the protection of the dignity of law, maintain social order "is necessary." Moreover, Iran's only evidence in the trial of the case, the death penalty was applied.

  Iran now for murder, rape, armed robbery, drug trafficking and adultery implement crackdown, many people have been sentenced to death. Recently, the three accused of the crime of the Iranian gay man, was also hanged.


Afghan capital Kabul, the Taliban claimed responsibility explosion

(AP) foreign reports, the Afghan capital Kabul shooting 13 heard explosions and sound.

  AFP reporters Chen Tingdao and Yi Lianchuan a loud explosion. Afghan police confirmed the explosion and a gun battle erupted in the city center.

  Agence France-Presse reported that the Taliban has claimed responsibility for today's attack in the Afghan capital charge, also said the target is local and foreign intelligence agencies.

  The Associated Press quoted police as saying that militants are launching rockets to the U.S. Embassy. The report also said the NATO headquarters in Kabul was attacked.


Underground water pipe burst Whampoa residents nearly 10 hours without water

(SINGAPORE) underground water pipe burst, water supply interrupted for 10 hours, the residents complained.

  According to Shin Min Daily News reported yesterday, St George's Lane along the Huangpu 4B and 5, Block F, the second floor of HDB households water supply interruption.

  Residents surveyed said they have received prior notice, will be the first day (Friday) off the water supply, but yesterday it did not receive any notice, so let them by surprise.

  Mount Cotton Kallang when asked by the Town Council spokesman said the accident was caused by underground water pipe burst, so yesterday morning from 8 am to evening 5:00 are without water.

  The spokesman said the affected mainly live in the 1st to the 5th floor residents.

  8 o'clock in the morning on the open HDB cleaning stairs and downstairs at the taps, so that residents water, after the device is also temporary pipes, the water diverted to the 1st to the 5th floor of each HDB flat.


Indonesia renewed fire smoke point of impact on local

Indonesia's fire points by the impact of local smoke renewed.

  According to Shin Min Daily News reported, readers call said they would smell the morning air in thick smoke, but also shrouded in a little home was surrounded by smoke.

  Environment Agency website The latest data show that as at 16:00 on the 11th, the local 24-hour air pollution index (PSI) is 55, is a moderate level.

  4 pm yesterday, the 24-hour air pollution index is 41, is a good level.

  China's environmental bureau said on Thursday, the southern and central Sumatra forest, there are a number of fire points, fire points some smaller, some larger. If the next few days, the wind blowing from Sumatra, China, the smoke will be wind-borne.


SBM, released on September 09, the Hello Kitty model Sumaho

September 07, Softbank Mobile, Smartphones Sharp Hello Kitty model "SoftBank 007SH KT" (007SH KT) announced it will launch on September 9.

 007SH KT, in addition subjected to design the body of the clamshell Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty wallpaper and menu screens, material Graphic Mail, Calculator, etc. have been pre-installed alarm.

 Carried approximately 16.1 million effective pixel CCD camera, Earthquake, seg, mobile wallet, infrared, which corresponds to the Graphic Mail. Equivalent waterproof performance IPX5/IPX7, even with dust-equivalent performance IP5X. Berry color is one color of the antique.


7 inches Tablet 3 "A01HW" - eAccess

 EAccess, July 9, Wi-Fi 7 tablet model "A01HW" announced it will launch on 15 September. The OS has adopted Android 2.3.

 A01HW model, high-resolution XGA display with a country's first tablet as 7 inches. In addition to shooting HD video and GPS capability, that capability can power chargers to devices connected to the USB port.

 The body size is 12.64mm thick at a height of approximately 188 mm × 133mm × width about and weighs about 500g. E-Mobile online store at prices that are 4,800 yen and 30,000.